Today stress and emotional imbalance are among the most common reasons that Canadians are seeking out Chinese medicine and acupuncture. The issue with the stress that we experience today is that it is chronic in nature (eg. job dissatisfaction or instability, caring for aging relatives, raising children, etc.).

However, our bodies were best adapted for acute stress (eg. having to run from an attacker). Whether we experience chronic or acute stress, our bodies respond in the same way and can’t tell the difference between the two, going into the fight or flight. Being under stress for long periods of time eventual disrupt the functioning of important body systems like the hormones, digestion and the immune system. Over time this can contribute to other emotional and mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

What’s Good uses natural, holistic approaches to treat stress, anxiety, and depression. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can be used to soothe the nervous and hormonal systems and get the body out of the fight or flight response. In combination with other self-care practices like meditation and mindful awareness, you can learn to be less reactive to the stresses in your life. While we can’t necessarily get rid of your stressors, we can help you to improve the way you respond to them.

At What’s Good our priority is providing holistic care and treatment to empower your body and inspire optimal health so that you can live a happy and fulfilling life! Call us today to schedule your consultation at 905-845-5775.

“Katrina was a fantastic resource during my pregnancy and was so skilled at providing acupressure treatment for me. She even taught my husband pressure points to ease discomfort during labour. Everyone at the clinic is so friendly and it’s a very warm and welcoming environment. And the food is delicious! Charleston is a phenomenal chef and so personable. What’s Good is just what Oakville needs!“