How to Grow your Labels

botanical label seeds by What's Good Wellness

Plantable Paper

is a biodegradable eco-paper that is made with post-consumer materials (no trees harmed for this paper!) and embedded with seeds. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds grow and the paper composts away. All that is left behind is flowers, herbs or vegetables, and no waste. It’s easy to plant and grow.


A pot for planting


Some good potting soil


Plantable paper




Sunny corner




   Prepare your Pot

Fill your pot 2/3 full with good potting soil. Tamp down the soil and add more if necessary. You want the pot to be firmly full, but not packed. The paper can be planted indoors or outside, so you get to choose according to the temperature and conditions at the time of planting (we don’t recommend planting outside if it’s blizzarding or desert-hot!).


    Plant the Paper

Take your plantable paper and cover the soil in the prepared pot with the paper. It’s okay if the paper overlaps. Spread a 1/8 inch layer of soil over the plantable paper pieces and tamp down gently on top.

  Water Germination

After planting the paper in your pot, give it a good soak. You want the paper and the soil to be nicely damp but not swimming in water. During the first 10 days, keep the paper moist at all times. The water is necessary for germination.

 Care after Germination

Once sprouts appear, continue to keep the paper moist but be careful not to overwater. Once sturdy plants appear, water as needed. 

Seed The Variety


This high yielding Carrot has a coreless interior and is reddish-orange in color. It’s ideal for canning and freezing and keeps well during the winter.

Lettuce Seeds

This delicious lettuce has a buttery flavored taste and broad green leaves in a loose head with particularly tasty centers. Lettuce prefers cooler weather, so is best planted early spring as soon as soil can be worked.


With fragrant leaves and yellowish flowers, this ferny plant yields delicious dill weed that is great for sauces, dips, and spreads. It will grow best in a protected location with well-drained soil.


A beautiful herb for gardens, Parsley is fern-like in appearance and has a very mild flavor that is great for garnish and subtle sauces.