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What’s Good Wellness catering service provides a curated private chef’s table dining experience with an emphasis on local, seasonal, farm-to-table ingredients from Chef Charleston Dollano. Charleston brings a restaurant quality dining experience into the comforts of your own home. Guests can expect a professional, seamless, and unique dining service that is completely customizable to meet your dietary requirements. Rest assured, guests will receive a delicious meal made of whole ingredients that are locally sourced, handled with care, and cooked to perfection. We bring the restaurant to you, we aim to entertain you and your guests with a customised catering experience to fit your vision..


Fresh Flavour, Creative Catering

Meet The Chef: Charleston Dollano

Chef Charleston is driven by his passion and love of food. His ambition and philosophy is focused on educating people about the joys of eating whole foods, supporting sustainable agriculture, bridging the gap between ‘farm-to-table’ and using food as medicine. Chef Charleston focuses on creating meals that are gut-healing, anti-inflammatory, gluten-free and are nutritionally dense to support overall health and wellness, all while remaining mouth-watering delicious! 

Elegant Occasions, Memorable Events

We provide innovative, unique and high-quality services, specially curated to meet the requirements of your special day. We pride ourselves on bringing excellence, creativity and industry talent to make your day truly memorable. 

Our Services

We cater events anywhere from stunning Tasting menu to breathtaking Corporate events to luxurious Five course dinners.

The Process 

Step 1: Schedule Phone Consultation – Chef Charleston Dollano will chat with you over the phone to learn more about your special event including your budget, food preferences, food allergies and/or sensitivities.

Step 2: Menu Selection – Chef Charleston will work to develop a custom menu tailored to your budget, needs and preferences established in the initial constellation phone call.

Step 3: Virtual Site Visit – Chef Charleston will take a virtual tour of your event space to understand the size of the space, the kitchen equipment needed and the event day logistics to ensure a smooth and successful catering experience for you and your guests.

Step 4: Quote – Following the menu selections, a custom quote will be sent to you outlining the full cost breakdown of your catering experience with Chef Charleston Dollano.

Step 5: Invoice & 50% Deposit – Once you approve the quote, an invoice will be sent to process the 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your catering event.

Step 6: Final payment – We will process the remaining balance of your invoice the next business day.


Everything was absolutely exceptional and exceeded all expectations. Our guests are still talking about the experience, days later. We loved the entire experience! The first of many!

We’d love to hear all about your event vision, together we can bring it to fruition.