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Are you planning to become pregnant in the next year?

Are you currently trying to conceive? Baby number 1? 2? 4?

Do you know what foods you should eat to best support yourself and your future baby?

 Veronique Schaljo

A Registered Holistic Nutrtionist whom is passionate about helping people take control of their lives. Her practice’s core focus is on digestion, hormonal balancing, fertility and pregnancy support. She is a  firm believer that all the work  put into preparing the body for pregnancy helps make conceiving and post-natal life a breeze. This has since become her obsession – to help you get your digestion and hormones balanced,  so you can feel good and live your best life!

5 Foods to support fertility

5 Foods to avoid 

How to make super sperm

Wherever you find yourself on your fertility journey, this free workshop has been put together for you, future mama!

We’ll be talking about the positive and negative effects that food can have on your fertility, your hormones and oocyte (eggs) health.

Information you will be leaving with:

– Which foods will help enhance your fertility
– Tips on how to produce healthy sperm
– A summary of the day’s discussion

Looking forward to connecting with you all!

This workshop will be hosted virtually, “Click Here” to sign up today!

Hosted – Septemeber 29th at 6:00pm

407 Speers Rd Suite #200| Oakville ON L6K 3T5 | 905-845-5775

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