Miso Bone Broth Meal Prep 

Ready in Mins

Non-GMO Miso Paste Effects

  • Stimulate digestion
  • Source of probiotics
  • Promotes more alkaline blood PH
  • Promotes long life & good health

Crimini Mushroom Effects

  • Cools bood & heat
  • Protective against cancer
  • Protects against cardiovascular disease
  • Helps restore digestive health
  • Rich in B2, B3, B5 & Potassium

Crispy Kale Effects

  • Balance Stomach & Spleen
  • Eases Lung congetion
  • Exceptional source of chlorophyll, Calcium iron & vitamin A 

Oyster Mushroom Effects

  • Cools blood & heat
  • Increases qi energy
  • Fights free radicals, cancer & bacteria
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Rich in Vitamins B2, B3 & B6, copper, potassium, phosphorus

Shiitake Mushroom Effects

  • Boosts the Immune System
  • Anti-tumour effect
  • Strengthens digestion
  • Reduces LDL cholesterol, the risk of stroke & treats high blood pressure
  • Rich In cooper, selenium & pantothenic acid

Bone Broth Effects

  • Strengthen Longevity
  • Promote regeneration & healing
  • Heals the Digestive System
  • Strengthens tendons, muscles & bones

Get your Miso Bone Broth today! fuel you and your loved ones today with wholesome nutrition based off TCM.