Period Mountain 20,000+




No, we did not accidentally add an extra zero to the end! With your help we were able to collect 20,000+ individual period product pieces for indigenous folks in northern Ontario!! This provides a full year supply to communities in northern Ontario; HOW. INCREDIBLE!

Our original goal was 5,000 pieces and after just 1 week we surpassed that goal(with your help). You inspired us! this lead us to increasing our goal to 10,000, then to 15,000. 5 days before @moontimesistersont came to pick everything up we met our ultimate goal of 20,000 pieces. It was ambitious, but because of our community we passed that goal too! ⠀

Our hearts are so full!

Thank you so much to all those who donated, shared, and participated in this incredible movement. We feel so grateful to have been a part of this movement with @jennsfc and @moontimesistersont to bring awareness to period poverty and shed light on the reality that women, girls and folks experience during their period.

We called. You delivered. What a privilege it is to be part of this compassionate community!

Thank you, THANK YOU!?

We at What’s Good Wellness believe that Period products should not be a luxury, they are a basic necessity  for ALL women and folks menstruating!!

We look forward to uniting together again next March of 2022 for National Woman’s day and to surpass our 20,000 + mile stone.

Thank you all! for your continued and overwhelming support.

– The WGW Team 

“Katrina was a fantastic resource during my pregnancy and was so skilled at providing acupressure treatment for me. She even taught my husband pressure points to ease discomfort during labour. Everyone at the clinic is so friendly and it’s a very warm and welcoming environment. And the food is delicious! Charleston is a phenomenal chef and so personable. What’s Good is just what Oakville needs!“