Halal Chicken Bone Broth


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Whats Good Chicken Bone Broth is simmered low and slow for 72 hours and is 100% natural and preservative free. It is made with local organic vegetables, antibiotic and hormone-free halal chicken bones. To increase nutritional value even further, the bone broth is fortified with trace minerals sourced from solar concentrated, desalinated ocean water naturally harvested off the Australian coast. Packed with vitamins, electrolytes, essential amino acids, protein, collagen and many other nutrients; bone broth has been made for centuries for its nourishing and healing properties, and can be used to:

– Support digestion
– Help leaky gut syndrome
– Support recovery from food intolerances and allergies
– Support the immune system
– Support joint health
– Support teeth and bone strength
– Decrease pain and inflammation
– Support healthy hair, skin and nails

Whether you are embarking on a healing journey or are looking for something special, bone broth is great for sipping, as a base for your own soups, or for adding nutrition to your mealtimes.


Directions: If frozen, thaw over night in the refrigerator or immerse in cold water and pour contents into a pot. Reheat on medium heat, until your bone broth reaches a simmer. Unused portions can be refrigerated but should be consumed within 4 days of thawing. Do not immerse the jar of frozen bone broth in hot water or store in front of the blower in your freezer as this may cause the bottle to crack.

Ingredients: antibiotic & hormone-free halal beef & chicken bones, celery, lemongrass, ginger, black pepper, bay leaf, thyme, organic apple cider vinegar.




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