Vegan Coconut Yogurt


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Chef Charleston sources additive-free coconut milk that contains only coconut water and coconut flesh. He ferments his delicious yogurt, for 10 hours at a consistent temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Fermented foods are an important part, of our daily nutrition because of the beneficial, good bacteria they naturally contain. Gut, micro-flora ( another name for the bacteria that live in our digestive tracts) play a vital role in our health and serve many vital functions.


Aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients
Create a physical barrier against bad bacteria, viruses and parasites
Neutralize toxins that we ingest in our foods and drink
Support the immune system
Produce vitamins, enzymes and neurotransmitters
Help reduce inflammation
Aid in getting a good night’s sleep
Balance hormonal system and reduce stress

Whether you’re embarking on a healing journey or are looking for something special, vegan coconut milk yogurt is great with breakfast, as a snack with fruit and granola, or as adding nutrition to your healthy, balanced lifestyle.


Directions: If frozen, thaw over night in the refrigerator or immerse in cold water and pour contents into a pot. Reheat on medium heat, until your bone broth reaches a simmer. Unused portions can be refrigerated but should be consumed within 4 days of thawing. Do not immerse the jar of frozen bone broth in hot water or store in front of the blower in your freezer as this may cause the bottle to crack.

Ingredients: antibiotic & hormone-free halal beef & chicken bones, celery, lemongrass, ginger, black pepper, bay leaf, thyme, organic apple cider vinegar.




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