Rain Chan


(Rain) Chi Ling Chan 陳子玲 , R.Ac



I was born in Hong Kong and was privileged to be exposed to both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Modern Western Medicine at an early age. It was embedded in my everyday life when we spoke about which vegetables are cooling and which fruits are warming. As a child, I was often sick and required frequent visits to the hospital. However, it was not until my teenage years through experiencing excruciating back pains that I discovered the “miracles” of TCM. At the time, the back pains were so severe I could not stand or walk for long periods of time without rest. Eventually, my mother found a TCM practitioner in Chinatown through a friend and I visited him every day for two months. Little did I know that those two months were to change my life forever. Years later, I enrolled into the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I believe that there is always more than one solution to every challenge and creativity can be an incredible source to allow us in finding multiple solutions. When I am not at the clinic, I also engage in community organizing in a variety of ways. I am the founder of the Where Are You From Collective (WAYF), an art-based and activism program that aims to build capacity for marginalized and racialized Queer and Trans people, as well as connecting diasporic racialized Queer and Trans communities. WAYF celebrates racialized Queer and Trans identities, creative expressions, endeavours, and achievements by offering workshops, events, and creating online platform for self-representation.

It is part of my core belief that healing and transformation happens on multiple levels, including the emotional, mental, social, spiritual as well as the physical. All these levels are interconnected and impact one another. As someone who is part of intersecting marginalized communities, I am quite familiar with the challenges in accessing our various systems. I find myself driven to work in communities that offer services which can allow for greater equitable access to services. I have worked with trauma survivors, people with disabilities, 2SLGBTQI+, and newcomers at various community settings. I am currently also completing my Masters in Social Work.

I feel honoured to be given an opportunity to practice Chinese medicine as it is one of the sacred ways to connect with my ancestors, my roots, and perhaps also to heal intergenerational trauma. When I am not working or studying, I find joy in astrology readings, cooking up a delicious meal, learning about nature, and watching comedies.


“Katrina was a fantastic resource during my pregnancy and was so skilled at providing acupressure treatment for me. She even taught my husband pressure points to ease discomfort during labour. Everyone at the clinic is so friendly and it’s a very warm and welcoming environment. And the food is delicious! Charleston is a phenomenal chef and so personable. What’s Good is just what Oakville needs!“

Candice Fourie