What's Good Wellness Retreat

Face it You’re Beautiful: The Art, Science & Alchemy of Honouring Your Divine Feminine

We, as women, are taught to live a particular narrative from a very young age – the caretaker, the wife, the mother, the well-mannered, obedient daughter, the nice lady with a smile on her face, always putting others first, forced to swallow her truth, sacrificing again, and again and again.

Anything else is often met with contempt or judgment.  Though aspects of these archetypes (symbolic characteristics) may form who we are as women, the softness they require from us is scorned and diminished in our male-dominated, patriarchal and misogynistic society.  Yet, it is in and through the depths softness that we can uncover the transformative and ferocious, creative power of the Divine Feminine.


Creating Harmony

This weekend retreat has been curated as a safe and inclusive space for all those who identify as women.  It is time away from the monotony and negativity of life’s current situation to focus on health and wellness; of the body, mind and spirit – with workshops and activities centred around caring for the body as the vehicle and home of the soul through:
  • Storytelling
  • Community-building
  • Beauty rituals
  • Mindful movement and breath work
  • Connection with Mother Nature
  • Food as medicine
  • Ancient wisdom practices and
  • Deep, restorative rest.

Your Hosts & Weekend Facilitators

Katrina Dollano – R.AC, R.TCMP

Katrina is the Co-Founder and Clinical Director at What’s Good.  Her passion lies in helping you to bring more happiness and health to your life and into your body.  Katrina’s approach to health care is grounded in traditional wisdom practices, the power of Mother Nature, and honouring one’s own unique life story, including the shadow aspects we are often taught to suppress.  Her mission is to help people of all ages, especially girls and women, connect to the inherent wisdom of the body; its strength, vitality and self-healing capacity.

Charleston Dollano
– Chef Charleston is a Conscious Food Chef and the Co-Founder of What’s Good. With over 23 years of experience in the kitchen, he specializes in curating private chef’s table dining experiences with an emphasis on local, seasonal, farm-to-table cuisine that marries the healing, medicinal power of food with mouth-watering and delicious flavours.  Chef Charleston’s ambition and philosophy is to educate folks about the joys of eating whole foods, supporting sustainable agriculture and bridging the gap between where our food is grown and produced and the family-centred tables where we enjoy our meals together.

Caroline Vye

Caroline is a registered acupuncturist and Traditional Chines Medicine Practitioner. She is also an educator, blogger and avid learner. Her interest in learning resides in neurology, specifically neuroplasticity. Caroline believes that through balance, movement and learning how our bodies and minds interact, our lives can be – and become – free to accomplish all that we dream. She incorporates various treatment modalities to help bring her clients to a state of balance.

Michael Ritchie

Michael is Katrina and Charleston’s mentor in transformation and consciousness awakening, and is an a guide in numerology, human design and sacred plant medicines.  He co-owns Harmony PEC Retreat with his wife Sera. 

Michael has a lived a life with many challenges and ups and downs,  and has used these lesson learned to spurn his success in business.  A former executive for a  global, multinational, multimillion dollar company, Michael left his fast-paced, glitzy corporate life after experiencing his first kundalini awakening.  This awakening opened Michael’s eyes to the toxicity that remained just below the opulent appearance of his high-flying life.  Today he uses his expertise in how things naturally come together to guide and support his students in their journeys to their own awakening.

Kelsey Drha

Kelsey received her 200hr YTT certification in 2018 and has been teaching ever since. Her mission is providing a safe and grounded space where students can reconnect with their body, breath and spirit. Kelsey’s classes offer alignment based cues, with opportunity to explore autonomy in class. Kelsey is also studying to become a Holistic Nutritionist (2022) where she can marry her passions of holistic nutrition and a balanced lifestyle.

Workshop & Activity Descriptions

Bonfire & Sharing Circle

with Caroline

It is said that the discovery of fire is what accelerated human and evolution and separated us from other animal beings.  Sitting around a fire and sharing is as old a tradition as our human history is.  We’ll take this opportunity to be warmed by the fire and share a Chinese medicine night cap to send you off to a deep and restful sleep.

Knowing Yourself is in the Numbers:

Numerology as a Tool for Understanding & Awareness
with Michael 

Math is the universal language.  No matter who you are or where you go on this earth, the laws of mathematics apply universally.  In the simplest terms, numerology is a study of numbers in your life.  It is based on the understanding that the universe is a system and once broken down we are left with the basic elements of numbers.  These  numbers can be used to gain understanding and information about the world and ourselves.  We can discover insights about things like purpose, personality traits and even challenges that we may face.

You will learn how to determine your life path number, how your birthdate and name translate into numbers, and how these numbers can have an impact on you.

Kitchen Medicine by Design:

Kombucha Brewing
with Charleston & Katrina 

The gut never lies!  It is considered to be the “second brain” because of the number of neural cells that are found in the digestive system.  It is actually in this system that a majority of our serotonin, a neurotransmitter related to positive emotions like contentment and joy, are produced.  The gut is the foundation for life as everything our bodies create first comes from our digestive and absorption organs’ ability to break down and use our nutrition from food and drink.

Our gut microbiome – the delicate balance of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria play a very important role in this.

In this workshop, Chef Charleston and Katrina will share their tips and tricks on how you can easily make kombucha, a fermented drink loaded with good bacteria, easily at home.  No more buying over-priced, sugar-filled kombuchas for you anymore!

Your Curated Chef's Table Meals:

Prepared by Chef Charleston

The Metal element is associated with the Lung and Large Intestine organs in Chinese medicine.  Together, these form a system of receiving and letting go and are the basis of the immune system.

Each of your meals have been designed to harness the energy of the Metal season to optimize respiration, digestion and immunity generally, the Lung and Large Intestine specifically, with particular care and attention paid to supporting women’s health and hormonal balance.

Chef Charleston Dollano is a Conscious Food Chef.  He specializes in curating private chef’s table dining experiences with an emphasis on local, seasonal, farm-to-table cuisine that marries the healing, medicinal power of food with mouth-watering and delicious flavours.

Sumptuous Self-Care for the Palace of the Soul:

Dry Body Brushing & Custom Body Oil Blending
with Katrina 

According to the wisdom of Chinese medicine, the skin is the outward manifestation of the Lung system.  One of the ways Chinese medicine doctors assess the health of this system is by careful analysis and observation of the skin.  It forms the largest organ in the body and is the immune system’s first line of defence and protection.  It is also the place where wei qi circulates, the energy that protects our bodies from the climate and other factors in our external environment.

In this workshop we will custom blend two different body oils of your choice, using oils that Katrina has personally infused with various plant medicines, flowers and herbs.  You’ll create one for invigorating and enlivening the spirt and another with a more calming and grounding energy.  You will also learn dry body brushing techniques to exfoliate and nourish the skin so your it is extra receptive to the custom, delectable and nourishing oil you formulate and lavish upon your body.

Art Imitating Life:

 Story Telling as Connection & Legacy-building
with Caroline

Throughout history, storytelling has been an artform that connects our spirits, grounds our hearts, and inspires our minds.

In this workshop together, through both science and myth, we will explore where we have come from, who we are, and who we can be, so that we can learn to authentically weave our own stories- the stories that reach out from the depths of our souls to touch the hearts of others and our world.

Face it, You're Beautiful & it's More Than Skin Deep:

 Facial Gua Sha for Cultivating Your Essence & Your Complexion with Katrina

Gua sha is an ancient healing technique with roots in Chinese medicine.  It is used traditionally to improve blood circulation, move lymph fluids and stagnant qi (energy).  It can be used to address conditions of the whole body, but has been touted recently for its ability to sculpt the face, contour muscles, and beautify the skin.

In this workshop, Katrina will teach you techniques to use gua sha in the morning and evening.  As a way to bring qi and blood to the face, “wake up” your complexion  and invigorate your energy as you start your day and to “erase the day”, breaking up stagnant qi that accumulates in the face as lines and creases, and calm the mind and spirit for a restful and rejuvenating sleep.

You will receive a gua sha tool of your own and samples of facial oils formulated with herbs and plant medicines by traditional Chinese medicine doctors.  Katrina will select the blend that is specifically beneficial for your individual constitution and skin type.

Community Acupuncture

with Katrina

Acupuncture is the most well known tool in the box of Chinese medicine.  It is the insertion of hair-thin, surgical grade, stainless steel filiform needles to stimulate different acupuncture points.  Katrina will provide you with a gentle acupuncture treatment to ground the spirit, relax the body and move your qi.

Kitchen Medicine by Design:

Spice Blending Supper Club for Tasty, Simple, & Nourishing Recipe-Free Cooking
with Charleston & Katrina 

Most spices are pungent and aromatic.  We say in Chinese medicine, that they help to release the exterior – push out any pathogens that are attempting to invade the body, whether it is climactic factors like wind and cold or bacteria and viruses.  Warming and tasty, they support the functioning of the Lung and Large Intestine and can bolster the functioning of the immune system by reducing inflammation.

Together, with Chef Charleston and Katrina’s guidance, we will learn about the art of flavour combining and using food as medicine.  You will have the opportunity to create several healing and delicious spice blends that we will taste test as we enjoy dinner together family-style during this supper club.  These take home blends are perfect for busy nights where meal times can feel like just another chore.  You will learn how to use them to create simple meals that require no recipes.


Yoga Nidra:

 Rest as an Act of Rebellion & Reclamation
with  Katrina

Yoga nidra is an ancient, often forgotten branch of yoga.  It is a deep stillness practice that combines guided meditation, relaxation techniques and imaginative, visualization exercises; all with the aim of teaching the body to rest deeply while allowing the mind to be present and aware, yet still at the same time.

Through yoga nidra, we are able to access our subconscious mind to dissolve limiting beliefs and re-write our narratives, planting the seeds necessary to grow and cultivate our dreams and reality

Katrina will be your yoga nidra guide, and we will practice rest together as an act of rebellion and reclamation from the demands our society places upon us; that we be continually doing and producing in order for us to be of value.  Ideals are rooted in the oppressive systems of capitalism and colonialism.  This false narrative is what lays at the very heart of our daily stress and anxiety.

You will receive two yoga nidra recordings to continue your practice at home.  An energizing morning practice meant to support a positive start to your day and a calming evening practice to allow you to integrate, process and release the energy of the day’s events so you can rest deeply.

Be Like a Tree:

 Forest Bathing with Katrina

Mother nature offers us all the wisdom and answers we will ever need, if we just still ourselves and listen.  Forest bathing is an ancestral wisdom practice of connecting deeply with the earth.  It has the benefits of grounding and uplifting our energy at the same time.  We will practice together and learn how to release energy that no longer serves us into the earth so we can be receptive to what is truly for us.

Mindful Movement:

Yoga & Breath Work
With Kelsey

Yoga and breath work collaboratively to bring a deeper sense of connection to the mind, body and spirit. Each morning, Kelsey will guide you through an outdoor gentle yoga practice focused on grounding, alignment and self compassion. As well as integrate breath practices for people to incorporate on and off the mat that bring clarity, calm and peace to the mind, body, and spirit.

Spots Available


Nestled in the escarpment of Waupoos in Prince Edward County, along the shores of Lake Ontario, Harmony PEC Retreat is a breath of fresh air and a piece of heaven on Earth.  Your retreat space sits on 28 acres of private, untouched, bountiful nature; forests, wetlands and lakefront.

It is a very special place to Katrina and Charleston.  You’ll hear them gush, “The energy there is amazing!” – Charleston or “It’s my favourite place on Earth!” – Katrina, when they talk about Harmony.  It is a place to pause, to evolve, to connect with yourself and with others, and a place to breathe and harmonize with nature.


Bring a girlfriend for a transformative, & unforgettable girl’s weekend away.


Friday October 1st – Sunday October 3rd 2021


Harmony PEC Retreat Centre in located Prince Edward County


5  cabins available in


(Registration Coming soon)

Wish to camp under the stars and be in touch with nature? see details below.


  •  2 night stay at the beautiful Harmony PEC centre
  • All meals provided by Chef Charleston Dollano
  • Daily: acupuncture, yoga Nidra, gentle yoga, breath work, nature connection, workshops & discussions

Single Investment  Fee

$1,700 per person (all inclusive – based on double occupancy accommodations).

Payment plan available: $425 deposit + 3 equal biweekly instalments of $425.

Double Investment Fee

$1,200 for 2 people (all inclusive – based on double occupancy accommodations).

Payment plan available: $300 deposit + 3 equal biweekly instalments of $300.

This weekend retreat has been curated as a safe and inclusive space for all those who identify as women. It is a weekend focused on health and wellness, with workshops and activities centred around caring for the body as the vehicle/home of the soul through storytelling, community, beauty rituals, mindful movement, connection with Mother Nature, food as medicine and deep, restorative rest. 

Camp Out Under the stars 

Special Notice

As cabins are limited (5) – Camping grounds will be open for registration once  cabin spaces have filled up. Please email, “info@whatsgoodwellness.ca” to be notified when camping grounds become available for registration.

Camping out doors is a great alternative as it will allow you and or with your loved one  to connect with mother earth in an experience called, “Earthing”. The term, Earthing (also known as grounding) is when we allow our body to make contact with the Earth’s surface electrons via activities such as walking barefoot outside, sitting on the grass, and tree hugging. Such activities allow our bodies to become connected to mother earths conductive systems. Doing so allows one to connect with all of mother earths surfaces allowing for the  transfer  of energy from the ground  straight into our bodies, hence bringing forth a great and unique  healing expereince for everyone to explore. 


Arrival & check-in 4-5pm


Storytelling Workshop

Breath work & yoga nidra


Breath work, gentle yoga & yoga nidra


Free time

Facial Gua Sha Workshop


Free time

Numerology Workshop

Forest Bathing Activity

Kitchen Medicine by Design: Spice Blending Supper Club Workshop


Dry Body Brushing & Custom Body Oil Blending Workshop

Community acupuncture & yoga nidra

Bonfire & sharing circle


Breath work, gentle yoga & yoga nidra


Kitchen Medicine by Design: Kombucha Brewing Workshop


Community acupuncture & ear seeds

Closing circle
Birthing your story into the world

Join us 

The autumn season is associated with the Metal element according to Chinese medicine five element theory. It is the time for us to take stock of our lives and discern what is truly for us, and what no longer serves our highest good. It is the season of letting go and releasing, so that we can create stillness and space. Allowing our innate wisdom to shine from within so we may know and understand what is waiting to be brought forth, and to have the courage to bring that out into our lives and the world around us.

Join us as we reconnect with the Divine Feminine – our innate power as women; as the bearers of life, and the creative, uniting force that drives the universe. Expect to leave this weekend feeling empowered, inspired and whole in exactly who you are.

For Single Occupancy Cabin

For Double Occupancy Cabin