At the What’s Good Wellness Shop, you will find delicious bone broth curated to deliver nutrients, with astonishing flavour that is jam packed with collagen, protein, and Aussie Trace minerals. Our Bone Broth is flash frozen to maintain ultimate freshness & retain peak nutritional benefits. What’s Good Wellness uses traditional Chinese medicine recipe with organic vegetables, fresh herbs, and spices. You will also find Bone Broth Boosters to customize your bone broth to fit your health and wellness life style. Finally lets talk supplements, you will find a list of essential supplements needed to perform physically, mentally and spiritually at your best. Our products are curated always with your health & wellness in mind, at What’s Good Wellness.


Food Cures

Crafted with your health in mind. Each of our products are jam packed with nutrition. Easy to prepare within minitues for you and the whole family.

Bone Broth Boosters

Looking to customize your bone broth to meet your personal health goals. Don’t worry WGW has you covered, boost the flavour and nutrition profile with these specially curated blend of herbs and spices.


Get all your essential supplements all in one place. Our curated selection are high-quality, practitioner-grade, and focused towards aiding you in the next steps toward your wellness journey, .

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About The Owners

About: Chef and Educator Charleston Dollano

Chef Charleston started his humble beginnings in hospitality, quickly learning from the ground up how to navigate his way around a kitchen. Driven by his passion and love of food, he continued his studies in the Culinary Management Program at Humber College. From there, he worked in many different types of kitchens and realized that not all kitchens are the same.In fact, every establishment and meal tells a story and has its own philosophy depending on its maker. Today, Charleston’s ambition and philosophy is to educate people about the joys of eating whole foods, supporting sustainable agriculture and bridging the gap between ‘farm-to-table’. When Charleston is not cooking, he enjoys dancing, snowboarding, grocery shopping, and writing about himself in the third person. Every summer he hosts a BBQ, bringing family and friends together for good food, conversation and reminiscing.

About: Chinese Medicine Practitioner Katrina Dollano

Chinese medicine practitioner Katrina Dollano is an expert in natural medicine, health and wellness as she uses Chinese medicine, acupuncture and nutrition to help the community to reduce pain, increase energy and improve digestion.

It was a no brainer to Katrina and Charleston to integrate nutrition into their clinic as they highly believed that, food is medicine. It is the easiest thing we can control that will either add or take away from our health. When we learn to eat nutriously and make food delicious, then cooking becomes the arts it was always meant to be. Aligning the way you eat with your healthy goal is what contributes to your health goals, long term success and longevity.

The Go Green Initiative

Glass Jars

We aren’t for any harmful chemicals reeking havoc into our carefully crafted products (YUCK!) that’s why we use glass as it makes our products safe to store in the freezer. Did you know we also do refundable jar returns! bring your used up jars back for a refund, today!


We can’t store all our products in glass jarss. But worry not friends as always, It is of extreme importance that we not only look after each other but this planet as well. This is why we don’t cross cut when it comes to our products. We ensure all other products come with biodegradable material to help feed mother earth for generations to come. 

Seed Paper

Have you been in the grocery store lately? The cost of food is rising. The labels on our products aren’t just for aesthetics and marketing, no no no. They are used for starting your very own garden. Let us equip you with you very own seeds to start cultivating your home garden this season and aid you on a path towards self sustainability.. 

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