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Nourishing life tradition (Yang Sheng)

The Nourishing Life Tradition focuses on the cultivation of healthy Qi (often translated into English as life force energy and vitality) to support optimal function rather than just targeting symptoms

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Our Approach

We design custom treatment plans rooted in the time-tested proven fundamentals of Chinese medicine and advances in modern-day integrative medicine


Our Team

Our team of practitioners and support staff are heart and soul behind What’s Good

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Improving circulation and communication, acupuncture cues your body’s innate healing intelligence

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Dry Needling

Dry Needling is an effective method utilized to alleviate discomfort caused by trigger point pain and myofascial pain.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Restoring and nourishing, our custom-prepared herbal medicine formulas are used to address underlying root causes of imbalance and dysfunction

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Life Fertility Biotherapy

The Life Fertility BioTherapy® is an international fertility program helping individuals get pregnant, stay pregnant, and create the family of their dreams.

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Microcurrent Frequency Therapy

By utilizing gentle low-level electrical currents, this revolutionary technique offers a painless and non-intrusive approach to treating pain and reducing inflammation, providing you with the relief you deserve.
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Experience the transformative power of O3 ReBoot Therapy™, a cutting-edge treatment that harnesses the benefits of supercharged oxygen to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.

Bespoke Catering & Private Chef’s Table

Curated private dining experiences within the comfort of your own home, with an emphasis on local, seasonal, farm-to-table, cuisine


Bone Broth & Healing Medicinal Foods

Consuming foods intentionally prepared for their healing properties is a key to sustainable healing and long-lasting vitality

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Chinese Medicated Diet

Harnessing energetic and thermal natures, and relationships to specific tissues and organs, food can be used as medicine.

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Life Fertility BioTherapy®

The Life Fertility BioTherapy®  is an international fertility program helping individuals get pregnant, stay pregnant, and create the family of their dreams.

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Preconception Care

Maximize your fertility potential to conceive and become a parent

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Trying to Conceive

Supporting folks who are having challenges conceiving, experiencing unexplained infertility or have been diagnosed with reproductive health conditions

Undergoing IVFIUI BP

Undergoing IVF or IUI

Helping to maximize chances of success while making the process easier, emotionally and physically.

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Pregnancy Care

Assisting and supporting your pregnancy journey before and after. We want to assure you and feel comfortable with your experience.

Sperm Provider

Same-Sex/ Queer

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Mental Health

Acupuncture and herbal medicine can be used to support mental health by promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety and depression, and improving overall emotional well-being.

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Pain Management

Acupuncture can help relieve pain by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes and promoting the release of endorphins, which are natural painkillers.

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Women’s Health

Life goes through many transitions, but each stage and transition is opening a door to another phase of life.

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LGBTQIA2+ Health

All love is love. Whether it’s fertility, trauma, transitions, health etc, we are here to help.

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Men’s Health

Acupuncture can help address men’s health concerns by regulating hormones and improving blood flow.

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Cancer care

Acupuncture and herbal medicine can be used to support cancer care by reducing the side effects of cancer treatments, improving overall health and wellbeing, and supporting the immune system.

Internal Medicine

Pediatrics & Teens

Wellness Care

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Weight Loss

Acupuncture and herbal medicine can be used to support weight loss by improving metabolism, reducing inflammation, regulating hormones, and promoting healthy digestion.

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Adrenal Fatigue

Acupuncture and herbal medicine can be used to support adrenal fatigue by reducing stress, improving energy levels, and regulating hormones.

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Acupuncture can help reduce stress by stimulating the release of endorphins, which are natural painkillers and mood regulators.

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Chronic Pain

Acupuncture can help relieve pain by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes and promoting the release of endorphins, which are natural painkillers.

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Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are ancient healing techniques that can help relieve the symptoms of neuropathy, including pain, numbness, tingling, and loss of balance and mobility.

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Our integrative approach combines acupuncture and other evidence-based modalities to address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of migraines.
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Fibromyalgia is a complex condition characterized by widespread pain, fatigue, and tenderness in the muscles, joints, and soft tissues.

Real Life Stories

Amazing!!! Service is INCREDIBLE and everyone there seems like they truly care about their patients/customers! Thank you! “


Fabulous place, with really great people and services. Cannot recommend highly enough!!”


So glad we took the plunge and signed up for the full course of treatment! It did wonders for us. I had no idea of the wide range of applications of Acupuncture!!

We found Katrina and Kim very competent and professional . They obviously know their stuff and were always happy to listen and tweak their treatment for best results.

Charleston, the Executive chef is great too. His seed bread is to die for!!!

The clinic itself is very clean and well run. Elaine and Sarah at the front desk were lovely to deal with.

Overall, What’s Good Wellness offers excellent results for money, and we have been recommending it to our friends with confidence.”


What’s Good – Wellness by Design – this has been my first experience with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I started two months ago and can’t believe the differences already. I have minimal peri-menopause symptoms. I am so grounded and relaxed. I have seen such a difference in my digestive system. I have an increase in energy. The results have been amazing! Katrina and Kim are very attentive to the needs of me and my body. Charleston makes amazing bone broth and is very knowledgeable with dietary suggestions. All the staff are so welcoming. It’s become my new “happy place” and I crave for my visits. I highly recommend their services! You will not be disappointed! Thanks for healing me!”


Friendly staff, and delicious healthy meals.”


I have a sister, a registered nurse by profession who lost her voice and was off from work for more than 6 weeks. She went to a few medical doctors/specialist, took the prescription drugs that were prescribed to her but none of those seemed to work. One Christmas eve, Katrina did an acupuncture treatment on her. After some needles, my wife noticed that she regained her voice and was even talking out loud. Was that a miracle or Katrina’s forte at work? I think it’s # 2!


My experience at What’s Good has been “WOW”!

I came in to see Katrina with many issues – elevated liver enzymes, swelling, numbness and tingling, and a general feeling of anxiety. Within 3 weeks, my enzymes were normal. Today I am completely symptom free. I feel like a new person. Energy, vitality and confidence have all returned to my life. I am so grateful.

My heartfelt and sincere thanks to you Katrina for your knowledge, compassion and professionalism. To Charleston, thank you for your amazing bone broth, delicious recipes, and your warm smile. To Andrew, thank you for being you. You brighten my day!

Thank you What’s Good!!!!!


Whats Good Wellness has been my first experience with traditional Chinese medicine and it has been a very pleasant experience from first contact to the present. The facility is clean and comfortable and the staff are professional, friendly and helpful. It’s an innovative concept to have an eatery in the same space as the clinic but it embodies the philosophy that health is a matter of the whole person. Thanks Kim, Katrina and Andrew for helping this migraine-prone skeptic to better health!


Last year I was almost hospitalized from the severe migraines and non-stop vomitting I suffer with. I had to take a break from my job and could not function or participate in daily tasks. I was sick in bed for weeks. I have tried absolutely everything including acupunture and nothing helped I was desperate, then I found What’s Good, I tried it, why not I thought!

I will tell you ‘what’s good’….I am, after 6 years of pure misery! What’s Good has given me my life back and much more! From the moment I walked in I was greeted by Chef Charleston and Andrew who keeps What’s Good organized. All complimented by a wonderful smell and an incredible vibe!!! Finally and most importantly Catrina and Kim my Chinese Medicine Goddesses! Within a few weeks I started feeling much better and two months later I am back to my old self. Last year I could not function and now no one can keep up with me, including my teen aged boys!!! Blessings, SUSAN


It’s so much more than an acupuncture treatment; it’s a total holistic approach to wellness. Katrina and Charleston are two very caring and knowledgeable individuals that truly have your best interest at heart. Everything on my path to better health was explained carefully to me from acupuncture to Chinese herbs prepared specifically for my needs to delicious bone broth from the in-house kitchen. I have been going to What’s Good for 4 months and have seen a remarkable improvement in my overall health; particularly my mobility. I highly recommend this wonderful wellness centre.


Katrina and Charleston are highly gifted at their professions and amazing human beings to be around. The space reflects them: bright, inspiring & energizing. Everything that comes out of Charleston’s kitchen is incredibly delicious and nourishing. I’m especially excited that his bone broth is now available by the litre!”


I love the food at What’s Good!! Chef Charleston always produces such amazing tasting food that is so beautifully presented. I am in love with the Miso Bone Broth!! Thank you!!”


Had an excellent experience at this clinic, I highly recommend it. The place is clean and professional and the staff far exceeded my expectations.”


I was unsure what I was getting into when I first entered What’s Good but I was immediately glad I did. Chef Carleston created me an amazing dish that has found me coming back week after week. When I came in I had constant pain in my knees, feet and back but Dr. Ron was able to see the problem and has erased those pains for good. Last but not least, Katrina, the glue that holds What’s Good together, helped me with a variety of emotional and digestive problems. By seeing her a couple times a week, my digestive system has gotten phenomenally better and I find that with her help I am in better control of my emotions, rather than my emotions controlling me.



Amazing good, fantastic service. You always feel great after eating here because every meal is super healthy. This is my favourite lunch place during the work week, highly recommend it.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the entire What’s Good Team! I now LOVE my Monday’s, getting to relax and see all of you! I have had struggles with my mental health, stress, weight, addiction and digestive system. I was looking to get back into a healthy place in my life and fate led me to What’s Good! I have been a patient at What’s Good since April 2016, during this time with lots of love and care from the staff I have become a new person. I have almost quit smoking entirely and have healed my gut. I have learned so many new things about my body and am so thankful I am getting the proper care to make me better for my future life! Although these things take time to heal, Kim and Katrina put me on the right path and continue to support and take care of me! I have not had any health issues since I started with what’s good and continue to become stronger every day!!! Not to mention the food is AMAZING!!!! TRY Charleston’s bone broth … it’s like drinking a magic cup of healthy vitamins leaving you feel energized and revitalized instantly!


Katrina has treated me for years and has always been fantastic. She’s a lovely person, incredibly knowledgeable, and always professional. And Charleston is a really fantastic as a person and as a chef as well.


I had been for acupuncture treatments with other service providers previously to help with my pelvic pain during pregnancy, but I was not quite sure if they were doing anything other than getting me closer to looking like a porcupine for an hour at a time. My husband and I had met Katrina and Charleston a few months earlier in a Hypnobirthing class and got to talking about my condition, SPD. Katrina and Charleston invited me for a treatment and even though I was not 100% sold on the effects of acupuncture, I obliged – partly out of politeness but mainly because I would have tried anything to ease the pain at that stage. 9 months pregnant, carrying a 9 pound baby, pelvis and hips aching, I waddled into ‘What’s Good Wellness’ for the very first time and I am really so grateful that I did! Katrina and Charleston were so professional yet warm and caring. Before any needles were used, Katrina diligently explained what she was going to do and why. The facilities are amazing and the setup is not just appealing but comfortable too! Not only did the treatment ease my pain but it also healthily assisted with my labour progress. Chef Charlestons offering of mind, body and soul food was the perfect conclusion to my visit.

In today’s times, when more often than not,you come across healthcare providers and facilities that are run with only a profitable business being the priority, as opposed to their patients wellbeing – ”What’s Good Wellness’ proves to be a much needed breathe of fresh air!!! Thank you Katrina and Charleston!


Met Dr. Katrina, Chef Charleston and the team at What’s Good through a friend and was taken in as part of this beautiful and caring family. The passion each member has for their profession radiates through their practice everyday. I am able to reach Dr. Katrina with any question about herbs and treatments whenever I need, as she has helped me with infertility issues and has put me on the right path to have a healthy pregnancy. The amazing food that Chef Charleston makes is exquisite, it is definitely made with love, I often go in only to eat on my lunch breaks!!! And Kaleena is the first person you see when you come in, she is amazing always smiling and makes you feel so comfortable as you wait to be treated. Thank you so much to everyone at What’s Good for your continuous help towards a healthier way of life, you are changing the world a patient at a time!


What’s Good is great facility … the first that I’ve seen of its kind. They approach your health with a holistically through alternative, natural methods and medicines as well as nutrition. Chef Charleston creative and tasty meals are incredible. Katrina is wonderful and extremely knowledgeable and makes you feel very comfortable and explains what she is doing and why. Both Katrina and Charleston provide a unique and personal experience and are very effective in improving and promoting your health.


Katrina was a fantastic resource during my pregnancy and was so skilled at providing acupressure treatment for me. She even taught my husband pressure points to ease discomfort during labour. Everyone at the clinic is so friendly and it’s a very warm and welcoming environment. And the food is delicious! Charleston is a phenomenal chef and so personable. What’s Good is just what Oakville needs!


Katrina actually saved my life. Not in the urgent care sort of way, but in the way that I felt for many years as though my life was slowly slipping away from me due to my illnesses, and Katrina (and her team) gave me my life back. I’ve suffered from fibromyalgia for over ten years, have seen endless doctors, specialists, alternative therapists, and everything in between. I also developed a couple of other chronic conditions, as well as a very serious bout of depression. I became unable to function like a ‘normal’ person anymore, in any way. Since starting my treatments at What’s Good just over 4 months ago, I’ve gone from over 25 pills to a day to less than 5, my pain has gone from a daily 7 or 8 (with meds) to a 3 or 4, my depression is completely gone, and my other chronic conditions are easily managed. I can wake up now with a sense of purpose in my day, and the joy of looking forward to doing things in my life that I never expected I’d be able to do. And I really enjoy my acupuncture sessions – if I could I’d have one every day! I can’t believe I waited 10 years for this, but I am so glad that I’m finally at What’s Good! They should probably rename it What’s Unbelievable!


Went to Katrina for accupuncture treatments. She and the team at What’s Good are terrific. So friendly, professional and hospitable. Katrina is genuinely caring and knowledgable, Kya is warm and welcoming and Charleston is always cooking up something tasty for lunch.

You do good for your mind and body when you visit What’s Good!


Amazing food, amazing treatments, amazing staff!!! This place is nothing like you’ve ever been to before… It’s like a spa for the inside and out! First, get your acupuncture from Katrina and then sit in the eatery and nourish your body with delicious food by Chef Charles specially crafted ingredients that follow the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and seasonal eating!!! Nothing like it in the Halton Region that’s for sure! You will feel welcomed to this family the minute you step foot in the door and you’ll never want to leave!! I love it here and anyone looking for a delicious and healthy (and filling) place to eat- this is where you want to go. They know ‘What’s Good!!!’


Free assessment and a taste of overstating and over-educating before the initial visit. While chiropractors are talented and have luck in healing the sales pitch and education aspect of the visit was a complete over sell. Caution to added expenses coming down the line.’


“Katrina was a fantastic resource during my pregnancy and was so skilled at providing acupressure treatment for me. She even taught my husband pressure points to ease discomfort during labour. Everyone at the clinic is so friendly and it’s a very warm and welcoming environment. And the food is delicious! Charleston is a phenomenal chef and so personable. What’s Good is just what Oakville needs!“